“9 Keys To Live Stress-Less”

You’re About To Discover Natural Methods to Transform Your Stress in a 90 Day Program

Thanks for coming to this page. You’ll find some incredibly helpful strategies about how to reduce your stress and live the life of your dreams.

Hi, We are Dr. John & Dr. Judy Hinwood. We are global leaders in stress management.

And it’s time to be heard by two doctors who care enough to listen. But if you don’t mind, we’d rather not talk about “normal” healthcare stuff.

We want to talk about why you’re stressed and how you can eradicate harmful stress from your life.

Let us be very clear: Stress, Overwhelm and/or Anxiety, do not have to ruin your life.

You really can get back to feeling happy, energized, radiant, and be calm, as you once were. Sound too good to be true?

Take a look at the successful outcome this client had after completing the “Stress Management for Life” program…

I Am No Longer A Victim Of Stress!

“I want to say thank you for your e-classes in stress management. They have helped me considerably as the day to day stuff that used to continually get on top of me, is just a memory now.

I am no longer a victim of stress in that I am not helpless if stress starts to occur.

I now have the tools to understand and recognize what makes me feel stressed and what to do about it.

Anyone who is suffering from stress, I absolutely recommend this program. It is something you can do in your own time in the comfort of your home, but do not under-estimate the impact it can have on your life and your family’s life.

Thanks again John and Judy”.

Dan Gallucci, Marketing Director, Gold Coast, Australia

Here’s the same program Dan Gallucci had such great success with so…c2actionWe digress… back to our story

But let us tell you, we too have personally experienced major stress in our lives everything from:

  • Judy having life threatening cancer over 30 years ago
  • Emotional stress of not being able to have a family after 18 years of marriage
  • Then fighting to have a law changed so we could adopt 3 older children from Chile
  • Being hijacked in a remote part of the Congo at gunpoint
  • Experiencing financial stress in losing $millions when we ‘believed in a man’
  • To then rebuilding a successful new life from the ground up

We don’t just talk about the theory and science behind stress and how it affects the person, we show you what to do and how to change it, while having fun.

We know because we’ve been there!

For over 23 years we’ve successfully coached so many stressed out health care professionals and business people we know what really works.

But hey don’t take our word for it… check out this real-life example:

I Can Be The Real Me With Fun, Joy And Laughter Now

“I’m now feeling like I can breathe, smile, choose what I want and be calm and peaceful. I can be the real me with fun, joy and laughter.

I can’t recommend this enough. If you are thinking about this – don’t think. Just do it!”

Jacqueline Rose, Financial Officer, Brisbane, Australia

It’s why we’ve put this website together, to help and guide you to ‘Live the Calm’.

Now we’re going to share with you 9 of the most important Stress Management Tools for you to try:

1. STOP…Press the PAUSE Button

Be prepared to shake that worry, fear and overwhelm loose and let it go with your choice of tools, techniques and strategies.

STOP… Just stop… Press the PAUSE button.


Your health needs it. Your life needs it. You deserve it. And your family deserves the best you that you can bring forward.

REST… Just rest until you are better able to see your way forward with more clarity. If you really haven’t much time now to stop, then do the quiet relaxation or meditation tools below.

But you must STOP. It is possible that your body will stop you if you don’t.

Take a break!


2. Scream or yell into a pillow

tennis racketBy screaming or yelling into a pillow, or beating the pillow with a tennis racket, cricket bat or baseball bat can allow you to release loads of spent up energy in your body and bring about an instant release of stored up stress. This can relieve sore throats and chest tightness caused from emotions sitting in these places. Sometimes you can feel the stress leaving when your fingers and hands tingle.

It’s like bursting a balloon; the energy can be released with a ‘bang’.

3. Big Green Garbage Bag

Big Green Garbage BagNow, for a minute, for an hour, for a day, take all those worries off your shoulders, back and wherever else you are storing them.

You have a big green garbage bag in front of you to put all that stuff into.

It’s so worth the time to check through your mind and all your body to ‘catch’ the stress and get rid of it.

You might see it, feel it, imagine it or just know where it is – whatever your gifts and talents in your mind are, use them and go for it. No judgements, allow all this to just be fine.

Then relax, do something you LOVE like painting, playing with a dog, walking in nature, hiking, and do it full-on, focussed, so your mind can switch itself off.

Find an object like a flower or bird or piece of art that you really like. Look at it, enjoying it and focussing on whatever you like about it, the beauty, the sounds, the colours, and the smell. Breathe slower than usual and more deeply for a couple of minutes. If your mind wanders, just come back to focussing on your appreciation of the object.

Yes you too can achieve a stress reduced life, see for yourself; check out this real-life example:

This Program Has Made Me Stop, Think, And Then Adjust My Direction all Whilst Feeling Completely Relaxed

“The Stress Management For Life Program” back-up is great, especially with the E-class weekly email.

The information is usually a reinforcement of something that I have been working through at the time. They make me stop, think, and then adjust my direction.

The meditations help to leave you feeling relaxed and, in my case, ready for bed”.
Linn Davies, Clairvoyant, Medium and Spiritual Teacher, Brisbane, Australia, May 2014

You don’t have to wait any longer to achieve you’re very own stress reduced life…c2action

4. Visualisations and Imagery – What are they?

We like to think of visualisations or imageries as ‘games’ we play with our mind, though they are very real. They can make our lives heaven or ‘hell’.

The pictures or movies we imagine or replay from the past, in our thoughts, are real forces, real energy, and they create our lives – because they are real energy. If we replay the tough times of our lives and focus on those, we create more of them, and vice versa.

It is ‘The Sowing and Reaping Law’, the thoughts that we plant, water, nurture and expect, do grow and come back to us. It’s like a magnet.

Let’s give ourselves some new and useful instructions for creating something more brilliant for ourselves.



Albert Einstein said,

“Logic will get you from A to B… Imagination will take you anywhere.”

He knew we have huge resources in our minds that we just don’t use. These are our birth right to use if we wish to and learn how to do.


Creating imagery in our minds is like opening a door into our future.

What we create in pictures or think strongly about is forming as we do the exercises. Holding the image strongly and adding emotions like excitement and enthusiasm about the vision brings the picture into this reality much faster and is healing. It is a highly motivating experience that moves us forward. And we do it with our own conscious minds. Use the exercises below to prove to yourself that you can do this – as well as to bring about better health and a more peaceful and abundant life.

Creating Imagery
When we are in the middle of stress it can look huge and fill our minds so we can’t see how anything else can be coped with or how we can climb over the mountain of problems. Let’s cut this stress down to size with imageries…

Here’s another inspirational success testimonial for you to read, someone just like you who has learnt so much from the program and is now able to overcome major stress in her life… this could be you too!

So, Overall, I Would Say To Everybody Do The Program.
Yes, Just Do The Program


What I’d like to tell you about this program is:

It has been such a great benefit to me.

It is a weekly reminder by email of the various tools that I learnt in the Workshop Experience, as well as just general information that I use on a daily basis.

It reminds me to remind myself to be good to myself, and to be well, and to be healthy.

So, overall, I would definitely say to everybody do the Program. Yes, just do the Program.

Thank you”.

Sabine Goeman, University Admin Officer, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

5. The ‘Rub That Stress Out’ Tool

  • Best to sit comfortably in a chair. Breathe deeply, low into your belly
  • Remember a situation that is making you worry, anxious, tense or afraid. Get right into the feelings; don’t be afraid here
  • See, imagine, or just think of the situation, the place, the people involved. You might see it in colour or not, up close or not, with sound or not, you may smell it or taste it, large or small. However you do this, is perfect. Imagine it is right in front of you
  • You’re up to the good part. Imagine a huge eraser, like we used in school. Rub that picture out completely. Really let it have all your focus till none remains. Keep breathing for a few minutes until you are quite calm.

Here’s how the program has successfully impacted on this clients’ life…

This Program Has Done So Much For Me… And My Relationship

“… I made contact with John and Judy and thank God I did. Not only did they help me release the stress in my life, but they helped me with tools that I could take home that I use daily anywhere I go.

Being in contact with John and Judy is always unforgettable and I really thank them both that they have their weekly E-class program.

But the big thing for me has been all the new and easy to use tools they have taught me.

This program is adding so much extra value into my life, way more than I had ever imagined when I started it almost a year ago. Something I didn’t realize was that the stress management in my relationship would also be helped so much. This alone has made such a difference.

So just in short, my mentors John & Judy Hinwood’s E-classes have been and still are a very useful tool in my life and a great way to keep my stress under control and keep me calm and centered.

Thank you, John and Judy”.

Alex Paradisis, Executive Officer, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


6. The ‘Shrink That Stress’ Tool

  • Best to sit straight but comfortably in a chair. Breathe deeply low into your belly
  • Remember a situation that is making you worry, anxious, tense or afraid. Get right into the feelings; don’t be afraid
  • See, imagine, think of the situation, the place, the people involved. You might see it in colour or not, up close or not, with sound or not, maybe smell or taste is involved, large or small. However you do this, is perfect
  • Now imagine the whole picture getting smaller and smaller until it fits on the palm of your outstretched hand. The sounds get softer, the colours dimmer and the emotions you felt are drifting away into the distance
  • Let it shrink further till it is just a tiny speck in your palm and it either disappears or you toss it right away. Keep breathing for a few minutes
  • We expect you will feel much stronger and lighter after this exercise. By all means repeat it as often as you need if the emotions or situation appear again (This has been most helpful to me, Dr Judy says in shrinking the power of overly aggressive people down to a tiny size.)

7. The ‘Really Feel Your Feelings’ Tool

  • Best to sit straight but comfortably in a chair. Breathe deeply low into your belly
  • Remember a situation that is making you worry, anxious, tense or afraid. Get right into the feelings and don’t be afraid here. Make them as huge as you can, exaggerate them if you can.
  • Push your feet into the floor, maybe stamp your feet and shake your hands, and if you want to groan, yell or cry, do that too. Perhaps stand up and stomp the old stress feelings away.
  • Breathe all this out your feet and let it go! This may take some time but it is vital you let go of all you can.
  • You will feel lighter and relieved soon after as layers of old emotion are sloughed off. Rest for a while.

8. Meditation

MeditationNo, you don’t have to sit in a cave, cross legged for and hour to meditate. Our lives can be full of things to be done, lists, family, work, and the technology and communications revolution to be handled. It can be challenging to put yourself first and some time for you in your busy day. Great news, it’s way easier than an hour a day.

Meditation is not this great big difficult task that only a few people can do, and is hard and takes years to learn. No, not at all.

We can’t take stress out of our lives altogether as stress is where our lessons are as humans, but we can control how it affects us in the moment. We can learn to relax and rest, especially when the tools are practiced regularly.

We suggest you set aside a time each day if you can – 5 minutes will do to start – to bring in the Relaxation Phase of the stress response. You will feel more peaceful, happier and more able to stay calm. Wellbeing, that elusive feeling, will be easier to find.

The Simplest Meditation

Focus quietly on things that are happening right now, like your breathing and whatever you are doing, focus 100% on it. Be OK with slowing down and consciously being wholly present with the task – cleaning, making a meal, driving, the children’s reading – focus on that only. That is meditation, really experiencing what is in the present moment, without thinking about other things and agendas in your ‘psychobabble’ or mind chatter.

You may want to focus on a beautiful flower.

Beautiful Flower
Also, just sitting quietly and breathing gently will do it. Breathing slow and low into your belly, and drop your shoulders. Closing your eyes can make it faster and easier. Counting your breath in for 2, hold for 2, out for 2 and hold for 2 makes relaxing easier. You may want to slow the breath down to a 4 count rotation. There you go, you just meditated. And a whole new healthier and happier way of living just started for you.

Later there are more techniques for deeper meditations which are lovely, and still simple, but this is plenty for immediate stress relief.

Take a look at how the program has successfully impacted on the life of this client:

I Have Become A Much Calmer Person Living A Much Happier Life

“I commend you on a very well thought out series of weekly e-classes I have been receiving for almost a year now. They are authentic, heartfelt and very practical in their application.

I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone looking for ways to lead a happier life with simple and effective skills to better manage the daily stresses we all experience in life.

A MUST DO SIGN UP FOR. You will become a MUCH CALMER person”.

Brad Munns, Accountant, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

9. Your Stress Management ‘Plan Of Action’ (Your ‘P Of A’)

You may feel like the stress in your life is out of control. We totally understand and have been there a few times ourselves.

What we offer is an array of very practical tools, techniques and strategies and you can decide which will work best for you – and work they will if you are diligent.

Managing stress is about taking control of everything in our lives; our time use, our environment, our food, our exercise, our thoughts, words and actions. It involves changing the things we can change and responding to daily life instead of reacting to it with our old anger, resentment, sadness, anxiety, fears, and beliefs. It involves watching every thought and word and making them more positive and useful with each day.

So, you become more of the person you know you want to be, more confident, capable and able to stay calm when pressure does come in, and it will come in as we are humans learning about life. You make a plan that suits you and your needs and your wants then diarise the steps. You might put a chart up on your wall of the action steps you will take each day.

And you do this plan one small step at a time, one after the other. In a year’s time where will you be? In a month from now? Which tools will make the difference? Which tools have to become habits? We so want the best for you and believe in your ability to re-organise your life and health.

However, I don’t expect you to believe me until you see more proof…

These Tools Assist Me to Unwind and Move to a Place of Peace

“The Tuesday E-class I receive in my inbox always helps me in managing my stress.

Being very busy I do have a temporary lapse at times and the stress of life and work tends to take away my peace.

As soon as I realize that stress is cornering me, I take time out to meditate in order to move to a place of peace. Your meditations and visualizations are wonderful tools in assisting me to unwind.

I am starting to subconsciously use some of the tools more and more now, it has taken a while, but slow and sure is certainly helping”.

Carrie Markham, Admin Assistant, Rocklea, Queensland, Australia

Now if you’re still with us, and you’re keen to make a difference in your life, then we’d love to help you.

And if you’d like some one-on-one hand-holding as you discover how to reduce and manage your stress, then here’s how we can help.

We’ve put together a program which shows you step-by-step exactly how to take control of your life once and for all.

No matter what stressful condition you may be in… we’ve successfully helped endless numbers of people using our specially designed techniques to manage and minimize your stress in 90 days or less… guaranteed!c2action
Here’s even more proof of how successful the program is…

Stress Less Fast with Rock Solid Tools and Strategies

“Thank you for your E-CLASS 7, ‘Stress Less Fast’, which I have just received. Its arrival was very timely and relevant, at a time when we are being bombarded by media who have become “THE KNOWLEDGABLE EXPERTS” in finance, crystal ball predictions, everything political – the list is never ending.

Like most people, I am endeavoring to LIVE my life as best I can with the least stress possible.

Your tools and strategies in this e-class are rock solid and very easy to put into practice. They have assisted me in seeing through the smokescreen.

I have moved out of the stress and into the calm.

Once again, thank you”.

H. Fagan, Company Director, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

I Encourage Anybody To Join In… It’s Well Worthwhile


My name’s Jacque, and I’d like to tell you how much I’m really enjoying being in the Program.

I’ve been in it for nearly a year now, and in that time, every week, I get a really interesting, thought-provoking, good quality piece of information to help me on my journey to relieve the stress in my life.

The little snippets come through in a really nice-sized chunk so I can digest them. I’ve got a week to work my way through them, and play with them, and see how they work in my life.

It’s made a huge difference. I’m finding that I’m actually able to do more, and actually take it on board. I’m really enjoying it, and I’d encourage everybody to get going with it.

Thank you”.

Jacqueline Rose, Financial Officer, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

John & Judy Hinwood

Here’s To Your Stress Less Success,


Dr. John Hinwood & Dr. Judy Hinwood
Creators of The Stress Management For Life Program

P.S. The best time to deal with stress is before it becomes a problem. We’ve told you everything you need to know, now there’s only one thing for you to do … Click on the button below and get started with the “Stress Management For Life Program”c2action


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